i no longer hear the music (not_orange) wrote,
i no longer hear the music

So there was a movie on tv tonight called "Der Clown" Der Clown. Beauty is on this particular station you can change the language of the movie by adjusting the audio settings on the tv, so I had some fun switching it from german to japanese. But an action movie called "The Clown" yes gotta love them crazy germans.

On a related note I was searching for this movie on google earlier only knowing the main character's name was Max... and it took me to this Max Havoc. It's a pretty interesting story to say the least. The story around the movie not the actual move's story.

So far so good though, I caught a bit of a cold yesterday. Weird thing is no coughing or running nose, just an overall feeling of weakness and a headache. Buhahaha weak asian colds, and now I'm going to get a hybrid of SARs and avian flu. It's freezing over here the average temperatures in the 50s during the day and mid 30's at night.

Found a job just recently with a guy I knew from working at the summer camp here. He runs his own company called "Santa's Little Helper" (amazing yes) It's sort of a free range entrepreneur type of business. For example he helped put together a festival for a small city last year in order to give it some tourism. My job duties is basically type-editing (in Japanese... gah) and helping him put together some english teaching program.

Other than that I've been keeping myself busy by cleaning house, exploring, reading manga, watching tv, and attending a wine festival (if you have facebook you can see pictures of my drunk ass there). This weekend is a Tokyo adventure going into the big city with some mates and getting crunk (finally found my camera so there will be photos). All in all I'm doing ok though it gets lonely at times. I miss my friends and parents amazingly. I tear up when I get emails from my mom and dad.

Leaving was one of the hardest things I had to do, I was ok until the day before I left. That was the first time I saw my mom cry in the sense that her son's leaving (rather than her son doing something stupid) and the first time I saw my dad tear up. I miss them terribly this time and I think it's because I'm not really coming back. I miss my friends back at home as well. I go places and see things and know that I have friends back at home that would love to see and go to these places. Well I babbled on long enough time to end this and get back to the japanese tv madness.
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