i no longer hear the music (not_orange) wrote,
i no longer hear the music

like a pokemon master!

i only say that i'm a pokemon master because i captured a friend!

one of the things i'm nervous about when i move to Japan is making friends. i mean where the fuck am i supposed to meet people? so luckily one of the people i'm working with from Japan was down to chill today so now i have a friend when i go to Japan.

and i admit i'm a bit under the influence as i type this but today was a stressful day that ended well. did some major town hopping.

We ended up starting off in Marukai in covina, hopped to pasadena to eat at thaitalian (thanks kristen!) this time around i got the green curry linguini which was suprisingly good, hopped to ameoba where i splurged 75$ on a box set of the palm directors label, hopped to little tokyo, then back to covina to grab some dinner at 313 sushi fusion.

the stress came in at little tokyo when one of my employees called me to let me know that another one was pulling some bullshit. so i have to do a nice 1 on 1 on monday. gah.

all i can do for now is relax and enjoy the dvd's i bought. i'm so excited to watch em!
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that's so cool! you'll be fine in Japan, they're a very good people