i no longer hear the music (not_orange) wrote,
i no longer hear the music

Day 2

Ugh so feeling the jet lag today. Woke up a few times in the middle of the night and then @ 730 this morning. Then promptly passed out after having breakfast and woke up @ 1:30. I just can`t wiat for the lag to pass because I`m hurting right now. It`s also doing a number on my brain, I can`t seem to form coherent thoughts and sit dazed out. I`m just waiting for energy to return to me.

Going to head out of the city after the shower. Going to hop on some trains and go to Yokohama to buy a xmas present and hopeuflly knock some soulvniers off the list and buy a usb cable. After that it`s all the matter of figuring out how to upload pictures on a mac.

On tonight`s menu is Tonkatsu. I figure I`d write some simple instructions on how to make it as well.

Pork Cutlet (not too lean)
Garlic Salt
Dashi (little brown granules of fish stock)
Ajimoto (MSG in a bottle hell yeah!)
1 egg
Panko (specific type of bread crumbs)

1. Take the pork cutlets and massage the dashi, garlic salt, and ajimoto into the meat. Do this for both sides.

2. While doing this make sure to have a bowl of hot oil heating on the stove.

3. Lightly pad flour on the seasoned cutlet.

4. In a seperate bowl break the egg open into it mix the egg up then dip the cutlet into the bowl giving it a light glaze of egg.

5. Put some panko on another plate and then start breading the cutlet generously.

6. Now drop the cutlet into the boiling oil and let it cook till golden brown.

7. Once golden brown carefully remove the cooked cutlet onto a plate with a paper towel making sure to flip the cutlet over or dab the paper towel on the cutlet to remove oil.

8. Serve on a bed of sliced cabbage with rice and enjoy!

Really quick really easy really tasty dish. Alright I`m off to take a shower then venture into different towns!
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