i no longer hear the music (not_orange) wrote,
i no longer hear the music

on hiring

maybe someone can answer this question for me...

is it illegal for me to have 2 people interview for the same position at the same time? it seems to me that it'll kill two birds with one stone. i can get a sense of what a person is like under pressure.

and plus it might end up with 2 girls fighting like a beer commercial. mmmmm
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no, it's not illegal to interview multiple people (at the same time) for the same position. you may not want to hire more than one person to fill the one position, though.
sweet jesus yes. right now i'm just overhiring due to boss's request though i have theortically one one position needed left to fill.

but there are multiple openings... IN MY PANTS!

wait... that doesn't sound right.

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too late